Multi-tasking and sarcasm don’t mix!

I’m starting breakfast (poached eggs, toast and cuppas) this morning and tackling a maple pecan tart recipe at the same time when Stephen makes comment of my decision to do both at the same time. I remark that, unlike him, I possess the ability to multi-task (okay …perhaps said with a small amount of smugness). Whilst eating brekkie and pressing pastry into the flan tin it becomes apparent that something is not quite right. I comment that there doesn’t seem to be enough pastry and it seems a little wet when I realise that I neglected to add the flour….damn….a simple mistake. Well….at this point Stephen can hardly contain himself and quickly, and with no small amount of sarcasm, points out that my multi-tasking skills are “crap”. Harsh words I think, from someone who regularly pops over to the shop for one thing as comes back with plenty of items but the one he was going for in the first place! Cheeky bugger!

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