Spiders make me dance funny.

So….I’m walking though a carpark this morning when I see something
blowing in the breeze on the back of a car. As I realize that it’s a
bloody big Huntsman it blows off the car….INTO ME!! I think it was dead….it was hard to tell whilst I was having what must have looked like a vertical epileptic fit!!

It takes me all day to calm down and I’m left feeling a little jumpy when this afternoon….I’m walking up a stairwell in another carpark when I look down and…..almost step on another bloody big Huntsman!! This one almost results in a face plant
on the concrete steps as I trip on the next step in my haste to try and avoid it. For crying out loud!! Driving home was interesting…each leaf blown on the wind had me jumping out of my skin!!

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About Tash

Forensic Technologist that loves animals and food :-) Passionate about cooking, animal welfare, food and animal photography and the environment.
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