An inspirational night

Monday night is Taekwondo night, and tonight was very fulfilling.

No secrets here on this blog, I am OBESE by the definition, my BMI is 33.5, I currently weigh 114kg.

Needless to say, Taekwondo is a pretty extreme activity to launch back into in the condition that I am in. BUT, that said, I had a fantastic uplifting night tonight. My wife and I walked to training again… every bit helps, another 5km, and a nice warmup for my massive thighs and calfs.

I HAD intended to take it fairly easy, and spend a few weeks limbering up and getting some flexibility back in my legs, arms, chest and back.

Coming back onto the floor after a drink break, the instructor asked all students to pair up…. next to me was one of the fittest 5th Dan’s in our club. I suggested to him that he train with someone else, as I did not want to waste his time with my “slow” training. Anyway, long story short, he insisted that we train together.

His encouragement and gentle persuasion pushed me, tested my abilities and made me realise that I am able to achieve more than I thought. Sure I ran out of steam a few times, but I kept pushing… Recovery from such a long break in training is going to take time, but maybe not as much as I thought.

Thanks Glenn.

I will make it, this year I AM making a difference to my engine and chassis.

Once I am able, I will train 4 times a week for 2 hours a day. And with some cycling, and swimming to really ramp up a change to my body. Last time I trained this way, I dropped from 108kg to 91kg in 12 weeks.

Food today has been great:

Breakfast, 2 weetbix with no fat milk, strong black coffee 1 sugar
Lunch, skinless chicken sandwich with wholegrain bread, a small banana.
Snack, three small vegetarian sausage rolls.
Dinner, skinless chicken, rice and 6 veggies before training.

Snack after training, 1 gluten free chocolate chip biscuit (Thanks to Tash).
I am halfway through a litre of no fat milk and I will get on the floor and stretch shortly.
Will probably have a couple of glasses of water before bed.

OK, that’s it for this update…. I feel inspired, content…. Happy.

Goodnight 😉

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