Chilli and his near death experience.

So we had to rush Chilli the cat back to the vet yesterday morning as he wasn’t eating, couldn’t stand and his breathing hadn’t improved. On arrival we were given the news that we had done all we could do for our 16 year old beautiful boy and that with fluids, meds and a day on oxygen, the best outcome was being able to bring him home to have him put to sleep in familiar and loving surroundings.

Needless to say the day was spent in tears with thoughts of what was to follow and how much we would miss our furkid. Well that plan was not to Chilli’s liking and we received news that evening that he had rallied and could come home with a new care plan (which again involved repeated night and wee hour meds and checks).
The vet was still only mildly hopeful but he ate some dinner at home, walked a little with some assistance and slept well (he’d had a big day after all). We got up to him four times last night and were still very worried as he was terribly listless and unwell…needing help to eat, drink and toilet.

This morning however, when we rose to check on him, we were met with a purring, walking old puss demanding that breakfast be served immediately…we burst into tears! So…though still very ill with the possibility of a irreversible relapse…our old boy has decided to stick around a while longer…and for that we are pretty bloody grateful!

Thanks everyone for your kind words and messages of support and concern for us and Chilli. Also a huge thanks to our wonderful vet (and feline specialist) Roshan who came in whilst on leave to care for our boy along with the staff at The North Hobart Veterinary Hospital who gave us another chance to have more time with our furkid.

Anyway gotta go…have a cuddle date with an old friend.

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