Timing is everything…..

OK, so I was a little out of time yesterday to actually eat properly before heading to training. The dilemma was, I cannot go to training without eating, what do I eat, will have to stay eaten whilst jumping around like a madman. I also realised that I had not had enough water, and I was quite dehydrated. 🙁

So, what did I choose, 30 minutes out? A chicken sandwich and 500ml of water. This was a pretty conservative choice, one which gave me enough energy that I was able to put in a fair effort, but due to me not eating much bread, I did however feel bloated the whole time.

During the 90 minutes, I did get through another 750ml of water.

Goes to show, that “Proper planning prevents piss poor performance”. Clearly I forgot that completely yesterday.

Next week, I promise, I will plan and prepare for my body’s needs. 🙂

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