Doctors…. Do they know everything?

Here is an issue that troubles my tiny little mind…. My doctors for the past 40 years have NEVER really inquired about my food intake when I have presented with an illness! I knew that I was overweight and unhealthy, but seriously, a pill was not going to fix the issue. Maybe going to the GP all these years was not the best choice?

My body is a product of what food and chemicals I put in it, and the environment in which it lives! The only thing that my Doctor’s have offered are pills to mask the symptoms in my opinion.

Since changing my eating habits 5 months ago, I have not felt better in years. My blood work is also very good for an old man. (I am feeling younger every day)

Tash and I have been looking at various documentaries, reading a lot of research and opinion to try and sort through the minefield of “healthy options” that are available. Whether it’s Vegan, Paleolithic, Vegetarian, Sugar Free, Low Carb, Low Calorie, High Protein, Raw, Low Fat or Mediterranean. <- See, it’s a minefield!

I am not knocking Doctors, if I were to have a heart attack, stroke or accident I would certainly see a Doctor over a nutritionist! But it has certainly got us thinking.

What is working for me at this point, was going cold turkey on sugar on December 15th 2011. Since that time I have lots 13kg with practically no exercise. I have no desire to eat food, and I have made it through Easter without any chocolate. We are eating plenty of organic vegetables, free range meat and eggs and making our own bread (about a loaf every 2 weeks is all we eat).

Currently we we are leaning towards a Paleo type of lifestyle, I am totally avoiding the word diet here, because this is a serious life decision. I attribute the word diet to a fad, a short term eating style that is not sustainable.

We also want to source our food locally, and support organic and free range producers. We are very interesting in supporting Tasmanian or Australian producers, so contact us if you fit the bill.

Please follow our journey and we would love to hear your ideas on this topic.

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