Movie snacks.

We really love going to the movies but unfortunately the movies are also a minefield of poor food choices. Unfortunately despite filling up on a healthy meal beforehand as soon as we hit the foyer and smell those movie smells we want snacks…really want snacks.

The movies are a real emotional food trigger for us and it’s one we have a hard time ignoring. It’s not that we don’t mind the odd splurge on a snack we would ordinarily avoid, it’s that we usually crash and burn in a major, major way. Not only are the snacks loaded with chemicals and sugar, they are usually huge servings and they are incredibly expensive to boot.

Lately when we head off to the movies we go well prepared to have the munchies even when we aren’t even hungry. We sometimes pop our own corn or we put together a selection of raw nuts to snack on. I must admit to really craving chocolate and sugar when I get to the movies so I sometimes include a tablespoon of bittersweet chocolate bits or a small amount of dried fruit with the raw nuts…at least then I can pretend I’m having a chocolate bar.

We save a bunch on snacks and we know what we’re eating at the same time…plus our treat doesn’t turn into a binge.

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What do you like to eat at the movies?

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