A dabble with paleo and raw desserts…with a recipe.

We’ve been dabbling a bit with paleo and raw foods lately….kind of skirting around the edges if you like. We like the idea of both, but still maintain a fair amount of flexibility with the foods we like to eat and enjoy. A recent trip to the library highlighted that fact when I arrived back home with a somewhat diverse selection of cookbooks. I’d picked up a raw food cookbook, a slow cooking cookbook and, of course, a desserts cookbook (one of the ones you practically need to stock up the fridge with insulin vials for….before you even open the front cover). The internet now provides us with a huge amount of recipes and inspiration but there’s nothing quite like a lovely cookbook that you can read like a novel….a novel that you drool over.

Recently at a Thermomix demonstration for a friend, who is vegan, the demonstrator (now also a friend) prepared a superb selection of raw items for us to graze on. They were so tasty and really reminded me that I wanted to delve into raw foods a little more. Her passion for food and health, along with highly nutritious, raw food, was infectious and this experience prompted me to have a look at the library for some raw food cookbooks.

This recipe is converted from “The Complete Book Of Raw Food”. Unfortunately the photos don’t do justice to how lovely this pie actually is. Not only does it taste great, it is a wonderfully convenient dish that you can store in the freezer and then slice a piece off while it’s still frozen. After a short 10 minute wait for it to thaw a little (though we both enjoyed it still frozen solid) you can be noshing on this lovely layered dessert.

You do need a bit of soaking and freezing time up your sleeve but it was really easy to put together. You’ll also need a Thermomix, blender or food processor to put this one together.


Nutty Raspberry Frozen Pie Recipe

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