Primal Living…..what’s it all about?

Primal Living.

It’s a term people will come to hear more often as more people embark on living naturally and sharing their experiences with others. It’s about eating nutrient dense  food which consists of fruit and vegetables, grass fed (free range) meats, nuts and seeds and good quality fats. It’s about trying to eat seasonal, local and homegrown produce…something that we’re already passionate about. It’s also about moving naturally and listening to your body…which we just don’t do as often as we should in this fast paced, electronic based, information hungry age.

“The Guy”, that’s me, has been making lifestyle changes for the better part of 14 months now, and I have achieved some pretty huge results so far, but I want more…. lots more.

I am now under the wing of Jo from Primal Living Tasmania, and we are embarking on a 12 week program to improve my health and wellbeing.

This is NOT a short term “diet” (Ohhh I hate that word!) which I will abandon once the 12 weeks are up and once my goals are met. This is a professionally guided process to provide me with the knowledge, tools and support that will help me for the rest of my life.

Lets face it, I was very overweight at 127 Kg, and it became obvious that I had no idea of how to fuel my body. The Girl has been fantastic and supportive over the past 14 months, and has been a major catalyst in assisting us both with research and knowledge to get us started on the road to health and vitality. This is where Jo comes in, she has about 6 years more experience and has fantastic, simple ideas to get me on track and keep me there.

Through Jo, we met some wonderful people who have been living primal lives with Jo’s support, and I am very keen to give this a huge push, as their success stories were truly riveting.

Weight loss is one of my major goals and at the starting point on Jo’s program last Thursday I weighed in at 104.8 Kg. I also want to greatly increase my fitness with a view to competing in the state and Australian Taekwondo Championships along with becoming a Jazzercise Instructor…yep guys can love it too!

The Girl’s goals are entirely different from mine and she is on a twenty eight day programme. She is suffering greatly with chronic pain, along with the stress, emotions and depression that come with that level of discomfort.  With Jo she is focussing on moving gently and supporting her body through nutrition. She’s currently avoiding foods that may be causing additional inflammation and focussing on foods that decrease inflammation. She is also working on some positive affirmations that will help her get through each day. This is information that she had already researched greatly (and I mean greatly!) but with Jo she now has some direction, support and an additional source of information.

I will be updating you on our primal journey as we go along…but fear not…if you’re not interested in our progress and what it all means then you can unsubscribe to these posts by visiting this link and choosing what posts you’d like to receive, just deselect the Primal Living box. 🙂


Primal Brekkie


Buying Locally

CADA with BNvanilla

Primal Brekkie – CADA


Choc chip biscuit - gluten free, egg free, dairy free...and oh so yummy!

Choc chip biscuit – gluten free, egg free, dairy free…and oh so yummy!


Roasted Veggie Soup


Chicken Soup With Almond Matzo Balls


Cashew, Lime and Avocado Bomb Alaska


Steamed Simple Salmon


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