Primal Living update April 2013.

This is an update to my previous post on Primal Living, and the Girl and I were just discussing perhaps calling what we do  something other than Primal Living! There are a huge number of people who are “changing their lifestyles” out there, all with eye opening and impressive results. So well done you!

People ask me, are you Primal, Paleo, Clean Eating? It seems to be incredibly important to everyone that we be labelled so that we can either be understood or criticised…or simply pigeon holed.

When describing what I eat, people exclaim “Oh, that’s the Atkins Diet and it does not work“, or worse, “Oh, if you eat meat and fat you will get fat“. I just tune out and do my own thing.

Maybe we will start our own following / lifestyle / “diet”. The “AGAGFAF lifestyle”!

Well, here is the update, I have dropped down to 97.3 kg as of this morning, which is a massive drop from 127.8 kg overall. This is over 7 kg since my last update at the end of January. So things are going great weight wise, but that is not really that important to me any more.

I will weigh what I will weigh, I don’t really have a goal weight in mind. I just never want to be over 100 kg ever again and I never want to eat foods that don’t serve to nourish my body again. That’s not to say I won’t have the odd chocolate or a corn chip again, but it’s certainly not going to take up as much as my eating pattern as it did before.

Will I ever eat something containing flour again? Probably…but going on the last time that I did…it probably won’t be any time soon.

We decided to have a hot cross bun over the Easter break…to be clear I had two spelt hot cross buns…not home made (gasp!) but from a fabulous company and it contained great ingredients. Not only did we both have belly aches, bowel issues, felt foggy and lethargic and like we had the start of a cold (sore throat, blocked nose)…I also had a bout of sneezing that lasted all day. It wasn’t until then that we realized I hadn’t had sneezing fits since ditching the grains…whoa! Light bulb moment!

So I am officially “eating to nourish my body for the rest of my life!”

Thanks for following my progress, if you have any questions, please feel free to sign up and comment on this post.

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