Shocking realisation today!

Hi everyone it’s The Guy here. Apologies for the long delay between posts about my lifestyle change to primal / paleo. For those of you that are new to the blog, I started out at 127.8Kg and dropped recently to 93.8Kg and life was just getting fantastic until….I got complacent and returned to some old “bad” habits (surely a few treats won’t hurt?).
It started with some chips, then some chocolate and even a few cans of bourbon (zero sugar, remember that I am basically a non drinker). Anyway, I don’t know exactly when it happened but I lost control and went mad binging on food (hey kid, gimme that icecream!). I have been drinking a LOT of milk too….which I don’t think my body likes milk either 🙁

We just spent the weekend in Melbourne for Pink’s concert and can I just say that she not only looks wonderfully healthy, she has so much energy and “life” in her it inspired me to “take a long hard look at myself again”. WTF have I done to myself? FFS Stephen! Melbourne has so much glorious food and I must say that I ate plenty of it. Including a few cocktails, bread, rice, sauces, sweets, chips and dips….the list goes on and on. I was eating when I was not even remotely hungry and I forgot to listen to my body.

Now I am paying for it big time. I feel like crap. I feel physically ill. I have pimples (have not had any for 9 months or more), stressed out and have had a massive headache all day. I weighed myself this morning before breakfast and I was shocked to see that my weight was back up to 98.7Kg, I have PUT ON 5Kg and I am heavier than my April 2013 update. Also, I am farting like a trouper which is my body trying to tell me it’s very unhappy!!  This is just not normal for me these days.

Anyway, it’s recovery time… I am going to call Jo from Primal Living Tasmania tomorrow and confess my sins. She has been wonderful, understanding and very helpful. Best of all she understands.

It is time to be honest with myself, listen to my body and get back into the groove of living, feeling well and eating clean.

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Peta says:

    I know how you feel. All I had left to eliminate or reduce was dairy and then I came down with really bad bronchitis which left me on the lounge for 2 weeks and 3 1/2 weeks after I fell ill ( and I’m still sick) I’m drinking coke which I didn’t drink before I was a Coke Zero girl, I’m eating pasta, potatoes and other things which I was doing great. Luckily I have been gluten free for years so I haven’t gone that far backwards. I’m glad I have your site for inspiration knowing that we are all human and that we can come back from a fall. Keep up the great posts and lovely pictures of your fur child 🙂

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