Tribute to Amanda “Poss” Conrad

My sister passed away in February (she was only 47), and it has had a profound effect on so many lives. Many people have asked for a copy of the eulogy that I read during her funeral service, this is it.

Tribute to Amanda “Poss” Conrad
by Stephen, Poss’s little Bro.

I feel like I have been living in the shadow of my big sister Poss for many years.
She was an inspirational character with a loving and outgoing personality.

People somehow expected that I was going to be as sporty and athletic as her, I had about as much talent as her left foot. She was particularly inspiring to watch on the hockey field in full flight.

I was very young when she left Hobart to travel to Darwin for a 6 month holiday. She left me her Monty Python cassette tapes, we have the same sense of humour.

That 6 months turned into about 8 years. I visited her when I was 16, having just finished High School. She was surrounded by some great friends and good times were had by all.
I learnt a lot about people, life and living to the full during my stay.

About 5 years later I visited her in Perth WA, she had migrated and again was surrounded by many loving friends, hockey and a fast paced life. I was about 21 now and fresh out of the Army Reserves and I knew how to party. So I thought. Boy was I wrong.
Poss held 3 going away parties for me, I missed my flight home twice.

Poss lived life larger than most people I know. I could not keep up even though I was 4 years younger. So much energy and enthusiasm.
Fond memories……. As I am sure most of you have of her.

She managed and ran her own business for the past 10 years, surviving the current economic times. This is no easy feat.

Poss and I shared an interest in animals as well. Dogs in particular.
This may seem peculiar, as I only post photos of cats online, but I do not even have one photo of my dog. In fact, Poss had the very same black dog as mine.

I tried not bring my black dog to the service today, but my black dog travels with me everywhere. Most of you cannot see him, but he is always here with me. I try and keep him out of sight, and keep him to myself, because some people are afraid of black dogs, and to be fair, so was I in the beginning.
I eventually learned to understand and live with my black dog. It was a tremendous help that my wife Natasha was able to help me train and understand him too.

The most important thing I have found in living with my black dog, is that I cannot help others train their dogs. My black dog gets savage when I get involved with other black dogs. I think that he is very jealous.

Depression had a profound effect on Poss’s life. Thankfully we both spoke openly about depression over the past few months. Sadly she was unable to train her black dog.

Amanda did not give up on, or take her own life. Her body sadly cried enough. The years of  physical and emotional strain finally took it’s toll.

I love her, and I will always miss her, black dog and all.

If you are struggling at all, reach out to one of the many services like Beyond Blue or Lifeline. There are wonderful people that will help you get your life back.

Kind regards
Stephen (The Guy)

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  1. Kymberley says:

    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I’ve slowly learnt to train my black dog too, and am learning what it feeds on and what makes it grow. It’s back to puppy stage at the moment – it’s there, but nothing I can’t manage 🙂 I’m sorry you’re having to go through such a sad time; don’t let your black dog feed on it. I don’t know you, but I’m sending love and happiness your way.

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