2015. Time to wipe the slate clean.

Hey everyone, it’s the Guy with a simple message. 2014 has been put to bed without any supper…I will not bore you with how it was for me. I cannot and don’t want to revisit some of the things that happened.

I am living “now” and I am going to concentrate on making my life and the life of those around me better in the future 🙂

It’s time for more:

  1. Listening to others, and I mean really listening (phones down people!).
  2. Real food, basic foods, nourishing foods (meat, veggies, fats and fruit).
  3. Mindfulness and meditation.
  4. Connecting with people, NOT on social media (family, friends, clients and even strangers…that’s where friends come from after all)!
  5. Simple things (walking in nature, watching the sunset, star gazing or listening to birds)

Time to ditch:

  1. Toxic chemicals.
  2. Computers, technology and life distractions.
  3. Toxic food (all of it has to go…including inflammatory foods such as industrialized seed oils and sugar).
  4. Toxic people (family, friends and clients) <- Yep, nobody is safe!

Something that I have learned over the past few years, I am what I eat and life is a simple as I make it!

All the best #theguy

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