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IT Geek, Sparky and Motorsport Junkie...... If it does not have a motor bolted to it, I'm not interested.

Tomato Relish

Print Tomato Relish Author: Stephen Recipe type: Relish Cuisine: Sauce Prep time:  15 mins Cook time:  2 hours Total time:  2 hours 15 mins Serves: 2 Litres   Our family tomato relish recipe, supposedly a family secret since time immemorial. So much so, that … Continue reading

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2015. Time to wipe the slate clean.

Hey everyone, it’s the Guy with a simple message. 2014 has been put to bed without any supper…I will not bore you with how it was for me. I cannot and don’t want to revisit some of the things that happened. I am … Continue reading

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Faith restored….

Yesterday I went to the “Changing The Way We Eat” seminar hosted by Jo Smith from Primal Living Tasmania to hear first hand from the outspoken pioneers that are totally changing people’s lives without nasty drugs. These Doctors and Specialists are fighting hard against “the … Continue reading

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Shocking realisation today!

Hi everyone it’s The Guy here. Apologies for the long delay between posts about my lifestyle change to primal / paleo. For those of you that are new to the blog, I started out at 127.8Kg and dropped recently to … Continue reading

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Butter in the Thermomix

Print Butter in the Thermomix Author: Stephen   Butter is one of our favourite things to make in the Thermomix and it helps that we have access to the most amazing cream at a ridiculously low price. This is our new … Continue reading

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Primal Living update April 2013.

This is an update to my previous post on Primal Living, and the Girl and I were just discussing perhaps calling what we do  something other than Primal Living! There are a huge number of people who are “changing their lifestyles” … Continue reading

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Chilli Conrad RIP 22/3/2013

Sadly, we have laid our beautiful furkid Chilli to rest. After looking like he was slowly recovering from recent illness, he unfortunately rapidly deteriorated at the vet following an ultrasound. We had to make the unbearable decision to let him go and he … Continue reading

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Fitness is a dirty word

When it comes to fitness, each to their own in my opinion. Some people enjoy running, going to the gym, crossfit, riding a bike or more extreme things to get the body into shape. To be honest, the guy (me) has … Continue reading

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Primal Living…..what’s it all about?

Primal Living. It’s a term people will come to hear more often as more people embark on living naturally and sharing their experiences with others. It’s about eating nutrient dense  food which consists of fruit and vegetables, grass fed (free … Continue reading

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Lemon cordial

Print Lemon cordial Author: Stephen Recipe type: Drink Prep time:  2 mins Cook time:  1 min Total time:  3 mins Serves: 8   Very simple lemon syrup concentrate for a wonderfully refreshing drink. Ingredients Peel from one lemon (no pith if possible) 3 … Continue reading

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